Steps for Planning the Perfect Colorado Barn Wedding

Colorado destination weddings are becoming more and more popular, and with good reason. Traditional, outdated weddings in ballrooms with plain white cakes are out; mountain views and rustic elegance are in! Colorado barn weddings are a perfect place for an intimate, peaceful, and stunningly beautiful ceremony and reception. While the stunning scenery is already enough to go crazy over, it’s important to take note of the logistics that go into planning the perfect barn wedding. Here are some greats steps for planning the wedding of your dreams.

What Do You Need to Take Care of vs. What Does the Venue Take Care of?

Banquet halls and more traditional wedding venues generally tick all the boxes as far as basic necessities go, such as:
● Lights
● Bathrooms
● Generators
● Liquor licenses
● Nearby vendors

It’s crucial that you run through everything you might need to supply yourself for the wedding, so that you’re not scrambling at the last minute to get everything together.

Outdoor Planning

Nothing says Colorado like a stunning background of mountains, trees, and lush nature. While that all sounds wonderful, it’s important to be aware of the challenges that an outdoor wedding can bring. Barns, typically, will not be temperature controlled: the weather may not be ideal for your special day, so it’s recommended to take reserve fans if it’s too hot or blankets if it’s too cold (blankets go great with the rustic vibe). Make sure your dress doesn’t drape too far behind—the last thing you want is a beautiful white dress to get dusty and dirty. Onsite parking may be difficult depending on the location of your wedding and how many guests you’re planning on inviting. Check ahead!


A wedding takes more than just a couple of “I Do’s.” With so many moving parts going into your special day, it’s crucial that you’re communicating effectively with your hired vendors. Before the big day, to prevent any last minute issues with vendors, make sure you are able to check “yes” next to all of these questions:

  1. Are they able to get to the location efficiently?
  2. Do they have the proper space to work in?
  3. Are they aware of how much time they need before and after the event?
  4. Are they in conflict with the barn’s list of preferred vendors (if applicable)?

Decorate Accordingly

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: out with the old, and in with the new! Your barn wedding shouldn’t have the same decor that your grandparents’ wedding did. Rustic wedding touches like trendy floral arrangements and intimate lighting look much better tucked in to a rustic barn than they do in an old-fashioned ballroom. Make sure the decorations you choose accentuate your space and set the tone for the entire wedding.