The 2018 Wedding Trends You Need to Know

Do you want to make your wedding stand out from the crowd? There are lots of exciting ways to make your ceremony and reception unique while still including the traditionalist aspects everyone knows and loves. Wedding and bridal trends for 2018 are sure to get people talking, and we have the inside scoop on which wedding trends you should say “I do” to.


Fun Dessert Tables

Let’s face it—it’s time to say goodbye to boring, white wedding cake with two figures on top. Sure, it’s what we’re used to seeing, but it’s time to give this tired classic a more modern take. Fun, bite-sized desserts like colorful cookies go perfectly with a candy bar for something everyone will love.

Hanging Floral Arrangements

Hanging flowers, terrariums, greenery (we love moss), and other floral arrangements look great hanging over long tables. They add an intimacy to spaces you’ll love without overcrowding. Without flowers and greenery taking up space on the table, you’ll be able to have a little more room for people to eat without compromising the aesthetic you’re looking for.


We know, we know—adding another color, especially black, to a white wedding dress sounds like total blasphemy. Bridal collections from Vera Wang and Marchesa prove otherwise. We think you’ll love the modern, edgy take on classic white dresses.

Floral Updates

Mixing and matching various glasses, shapes, and vases with bold pastel colors create a vibrant, fresh look that brides love in 2018. Bold without being haughty, mix it up a little bit for a look that really stands out from the crowd.

Food You Already Love

Say goodbye to traditional 3-course meals. Serve something you eat often! Trendy takes on favorites like tacos, pizza, and sushi are in. Your reception is a gathering of the people you love in a venue you’ve specifically chosen—shouldn’t the food make everybody feel comfortable? Food truck options are a great way to go for a memorable affair.

Invitation Materials

Try experimenting with fun new materials rather than conventional white paper for an invitation that stands out. If you’re going for rustic elegance, perhaps a more natural element such as stone or wood would do the trick. For those looking for glitz and glamour, foil accents add elegance while maintaining a clean, modern look.