Trending Floral Ideas For Your Special Day

Looking for floral ideas that’ll have your guests picking up their jaws from the floor? Finding the right florals for your special day goes a long way towards setting the tone for the entire ceremony. If you want to really wow your guests, we’ve compiled some of the hottest trends in floral arrangements for the ceremony and reception you’ve always dreamed of.

Upside-Down Garden

An upside-down garden offers an elegant, magical, forest-like touch for your ceremony. A ceiling garden provides eye-popping color for a breathtaking display. Your wedding will feel expansive yet intimate all at once. They make the perfect background for beautiful pictures, whether they’re hanging over the table, above the altar, or on the ceiling during the reception. Your guests will feel as if they’ve been whisked away to a garden in a faraway place.

Hanging Glass Globes and Terrariums

Hanging glass terrariums fit seamlessly with macramé backdrops for a rustic yet elegant look. Beautiful, bright flowers are contained in glass globes for a sleek, colorful design that draws the eye without overwhelming your guests.

High Branch Centerpieces

Fall in love under the trees with high branch centerpieces. Adding a forest-like element to your indoor affair will make your space feel cozy, intimate, and wonderous.

Floating Centerpieces

A floating garden hanging above a long dining table makes for an intimate meal with friends and family. Bring nature from the garden to the reception; flowers that accentuate the lighting over your tables are a perfect touch for a calm, cozy setting.

Flower Curtains

Flowers hung across transparent string create a beautiful, floating background. Try mixing flowers in with small lights or glass bottles to create a rustic yet elegant display.

Flower Chandeliers

Say goodbye to old-fashioned, outdated crystal chandeliers and say hello to a beautiful flower arrangement that looks like a real light fixture. Choose lighter colors to really make the chandeliers stand out; you won’t notice that they don’t give off light until you look closely. They’ll brighten up the room for an eye-catching display.

Flower Walls

Looking for an eye-catching display that makes for the perfect photo-op no matter where you are in the room? Flower walls are no doubt the next big trend for florals. Every picture you take will look like the garden of your dreams with a bright, elegant flower wall.